A Club for the Poetic

A Club for the Poetic

A Club for the Poetic

Somewhere in the world

Through Club Modeler's unraveling journey, I have come to meet so many of you,
the creative and inspiring people ...
in the most unexpected ways that could only be called 'destiny'.

Bit by bit, you will come upon more layers on the Club Modeler platform.
Like an old London bookshop where the smell is alluring, yet you never know what book or inspiration you will stumble upon, in that state of disorder.

Club Modeler Shop is our recent addition, promoting 'slow living',
and 'in the beautiful pursuit of handmade'.
Showcasing our au courant, handmade and collaboration products
with select artists and artisans worldwide.

Gently, we are planning other wondrous amusements for our members ...
to be able to embrace the true feeling of a Club.

A hub for all who have something poetic to offer the world.

A Club for the Poetic.