hand painted heart

What is Club Modeler?

Modeler French verb, Transitive
a) to model, mould with hands;
(g) to shape with hands, mould;
se ~ sur qn to model oneself on

With a spirit bursting from art and soul, the Modelers’ lives are planted with authentic seeds, marinated in old world charm and topped with a big dollop of imagination.

This is Nona De Samim’s private club of dreamy atmospheres, lifestyles, mise en scenes, interiors & savoir-faires from around the world, inspired by this poetic breed of hushed sophisticates - the 'Modelers', as she has come to define.

A platform to inspire. A shop in the beautiful pursuit of handmade & slow living. A spirit of creative exploration.

And more to come...

Welcome to Club Modeler.
A Life with Meaning.
A Club for the Poetic.

(Concept, art, design and all photography unless specified by Nona De Samim)

nona on a boat
nona and son rocco

Who is Nona De Samim?

Nona De Samim is a Storyteller with a ‘Zelda’ spirit.

A British Explorer.

Part Persian, part Wanderer.

A Bon Vivant Dreamer.

A French artist in her past life,
and now transplanted in LA.

She is a published designer and visionary with a broad range of experience in the worlds of fashion and interiors.