Almost Famous

Carolina Pimenta

Almost Famous

Stork Club, Carvalhal

On a hot hot day in Carvalhal, I was browsing in Jacques Grange  & Pierre Passebon’s Stork Club ... Amongst their carefully curated selection of books, I decided I had to place this elegant femme in crushed yellow velvet with a dangling cigarette from her hands, on top of my coffee table pile. With the gold wrapping it makes a stunning present too.

I am thrilled to now sell ‘Almost Famous’ by Carolina Pimenta as part our selection on Club Modeler Shop.


A Wittgensteinian style introduction:

1  1.1 Carolina Pimenta is an artist.

    1.2 She is an artist who, among other things, takes many photographs.

2  2.1 Most of the photographs portray people.

   2.1.1  Most of the people in Carolina's photographs are (or appear to be) young, beautiful and rich.

   2.1.2 Few of the people portrayed are not (or do not appear to be) young, beautiful or rich.

   2.1.3 Some of them are even not young, banal or broke (but do not appear it).

   2.2   Only some photos don’t portray people.

   2.2.1 When they don’t have people they have other equally interesting things. The ones that don’t have people, have animals, or plants, or land or air.

3  3.1 Most pictures depict the night. People at parties, having fun. Or that seem to be having fun.

    3.1.1 Few of Carolina's images are taken during the day. But even the ones taken during the day almost always portray people at parties, having fun.

    3.2 Daytime pictures are almost always cheerful and (or) optimistic

4  4.1 Water is almost always present. In swimming pools, in showers, in glasses, in vomit.

    4.1.1 People are often in contact with water. Inside it, on top of it or even with it in them.

5  5.1 The time is almost always at a party. Of folly. Of pleasure. Of fun.

    5.1.1 Often the parties are at night. Or during the day slipping into the night.

    5.1.2 Rarely are the parties in the daytime.

6  6.1 When they are in daytime, they are luminous. With sun and blue skies, as it should be.

7   7.1 Carolina seems to have a kind of "Midas touch". All people portrayed by her seem to be famous.

     7.2 Not all will be. But almost all of them seem, even, "almost famous."

8  8.1 And so on ...

Julião Sarmento March 2019

Carolina Pimenta