Seasonal Breakfast Compote

Cranberry compote, with orange juice, coconut sugar, nutmeg, cardamom & All Spice.
Serve over yogurt, oatmeal or on its own with an espresso.



The Artist’s Cookbook

After tea at Charleston House, go home and make Duncan Grant’s Beef Bourguignon recipe.



Michelin Strawberry Campari in the forest.

Osip  - The tiny farm-to-table restaurant  in rural Somerset.



Blue eggs & Butter in ‘The Egg Room’

Cottage breakfast at Daylesford Farm , Gloucestershire



Summer Garden Dessert

Rhubarb from the garden, poached in white wine, tiny bit of sugar & finished off with Orange Rind.
Chill for 2 hours before serving in the garden.



Palazzo Cicchettis

Homemade at Palazzo Margherita



Club Modeler Dinner Party looks

The Private dining room,
Oakley Court



Dessert of the Poets

Iconic rice pudding at A Brasileira & iced cherry wine



Artisan Flour sieve

Used for picking flowers in Comporta.



Club Modeler breakfast meeting

Saffron Poires & oversized Tarte Aux Pommes (GF)

Club Modeler breakfast meeting

Saffron Poires & oversized Tarte Aux Pommes (GF)
Recipes_Cold Chilli Salmon

Cold Chilli Salmon served with Panzanella & Brûlée Thyme Grapefuit

Slow roast the oiled & chilled Salmon the day before on 300F, 25 mins max.



Cold Chilli Salmon served with Panzanella & Brûlée Thyme Grapefuit

Condiment: Whisked Greek yoghurt, garlic, lemon & Flor da Sal from Mercaria Gomez , Comporta

Cold Chilli Salmon served with Panzanella & Brûlée Thyme Grapefuit

For Panzanella, use stale

Brûlée grapefruit with Turbinado sugar, add a dollop of Greek yoghurt & fresh Thyme

Recipes_Cocktail Hour in the Vegetable Garden

Cocktail Hour in the Vegetable Garden

Barrocal, Monsaraz


Lessons from Capri

Homemade mascarpone sorbet from my garden

Serve as an amuse-bouche with a chilled rosé on a hot day.


Lessons From Capri

Tip: Freeze in an egg tray to hold upright.

Recipes_Dried lime & Pistachio butter

Dried lime & Pistachio butter on lemon sorbet.

Gomez Espumantaria & Jardim, Comporta village

Recipies_Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo, Portugal

Farm Eggs in Arles

Farm Eggs in Arles

Inside the Hotel Particulier kitchen, during Breakfast Rush Hour in Arles.

Late Morning Verdant Juice

Late Morning Verdant Juice

Juice together: Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger, half an English Cucumber, Organic Celery, Parsley & Coriander. 1 whole Organic lemon & apple - both with peel.
Drink it in your favourite Mason jar and bamboo straw.

Background : My Rock-Chick Casserole Dish with spikes

Citron 2020, from my garden

Citron 2020, from my garden

English Summer

English Summer

Shoreham-By-Sea, Sussex
Tablecloth : Missoni

Tomates et lavande

Tomates et lavande à l'huile d'olive

Inspired by Alain Passard
Lavande from Ojai, CA

Last night's Salsa Verde

Last Night’s Salsa Verde

Chop a mix of fresh herbs you have in your fridge. Dice a preserved lemon from your collection of preserves. Dice garlic, dried red chilli to taste. Add olive oil, vinegar & a pinch of Fleur de Sel.
Serve in your favorite Puglian ceramic.

Beaneaters & Bread Soup

Retro Italian Bread Soup

How chic is this?
Best conversation starter for your next Dinner Party.
This out of print vintage cookbook is priceless, I found it on Amazon.